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Very British indeed

Aktualisiert: 28. Apr 2020

Based in Kings Lynn, England, the Railway Touring Company runs steam tours and private charter trains around the UK, Continental Europe and further afield. Aside from steam-hauled daytrips to the seaside or multi-day tours to the Scottish Highlands, RTC goes to great lengths to create highly customized main line steam programs in over a dozen European countries, ranging from Austria and Bulgaria, to Poland and Switzerland. The headline slogan at the top of the emblem therefore refers to such travelling experiences. As the English invented railways in the early 19th century and a love of rail travel still shapes British culture 200 years later, a logo that celebrates the romance of the golden age of steam seems most appropriate.

The roundel shape mimics the oval emblems that many British heritage railways have adopted since the advent of the preservation movement in the 1960s. The pictured 4-6-0 tender locomotive is a stylized rendition of Nr. 850 "Lord Nelson", which was built in 1926 for the Southern Railway and currently resides at Ropley on the Mid-Hants Railway.

This logo concept was specific by RTC founder Nigel Dobbing and then designed by the small studio Lucid Synergy. Reminiscent of 1930s iconography, the green roundel captures the dynamism of steam and the fast-moving motion of rail travel in general. All of these fine details really come alive, when the logo is pictured in large size.

The choice of color is also a good match in this case, since "green means go" and many British locomotives have historically carried various shades of Brunswick or Apple green.

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