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Bernese branding

Aktualisiert: 10. Feb 2020

As the second largest Swiss main line operator after SBB, the Bern-based BLS AG got its current logo in 2006, when it merged with the smaller railway company Regionalverkehr Mittelland (RM) and took over RM's iconic emblem. Colloquially known as the "Emme Schnägg" (Emmental Snail), the nickname references the logo's simple yet stylish shape that is actually a lot more dynamic, than the charming moniker would indicate. The nickname also gives an indication of where in Canton Bern formerly RM and now BLS trains operate.

The BLS logo represents everything that is good about a contemporary railway logo and modern branding for public transport. As its base, the logo uses the legendary "Winged Wheel" from the 19th Century, while adapting it to current times with a streamlined, smart appearance.

Although RM originally had the colors of red and white, the blue and silver livery of BLS works just as well for this logo and typescript. As BLS continues to operate trains over its namesake Lötschberg and Simplon route, this emblem can also be spotted in Northern Italy, especially at the border station Domodossola.

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